Government Document Proves the Existence of God

Over the years there have been countless debates about the existence of God. Highly educated people have went through mountains of research and investigation into historical evidence and scientific proof. People throughout history have ventured out on spiritual journeys seeking proof of God. Countless books have been written and movies made arguing for and against the existence of God. Lee Strobel tells about his investigative search to disprove God’s existence in his book, “The Case for Christ”. He searched the evidence and conducted extensive interviews on his quest for proof. One of Time Magazine’s most iconic covers was published in 1966 with a simple question, “Is God Dead?”

I know in my own personal journey, I have searched evidence and had my own doubts along the way. What I have found is, while there are countless papers written by Doctorate level Theologians and Philosophers that point to the proof of God, I tend to see evidence of God’s existence in areas that are simple and often don’t make sense. For example, within the last two years, our family and several other families from Tennessee left behind all that we had and moved to Southern California to be a part of a church plant. We left jobs, sold houses, and moved thousands of miles away from family and friends in obedience to what we would say is the call of God. This decision didn’t make sense to many of our family and friends. It didn’t even make sense to some within our faith community. Why would we move to California of all places? Even worse, Southern California and the home of Hollywood and debauchery. We might as well have been moving to Sodom and Gomorrah or relocating to Nineveh.

One by one we packed up and headed west in a convoy of moving trucks that would have made the Beverly Hillbillies proud. A small contingent of lifelong Southerners were journeying into the unknown to a place that many of us had once despised but were now going to call home. No plan B. No return ticket home. This is not our mission trip. This is our mission field. We are setting up residence. This is where I found a little government document that gives proof of the existence of God. You see, whenever you move, you have to let everyone that sends you mail know where to find you now. You have to go to the Post Office and fill out PS form 3575 the official change of address form.

It just doesn’t make sense. Why else would so many families pack up without a plan B? Why would we leave comfort, security, and familiarity to travel to an unknown future? Why indeed if not for God? If God is not real, then why us, why here, why now? If anyone doubts that God is real or of Christianity is true, they need look no further than our story. There they will see a change of mind, a change of purpose, and a change of direction that are all documented on U.S. Government for PS form 3575, our change of address documentation.


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