Don’t Drift

Episode #68: Don’t Drift

“We must, therefore, pay even more attention to what we have heard, so that we will not drift away.” (Hebrews 2:1)

When you see, “therefore”, in scripture, go back to the previous verses and see what it is there, for. Once you find it, apply it. In this verse Paul is referring back to chapter 1 where he spoke of the nature and superiority of Jesus. He is telling us to always remember what we have heard and learned about Jesus. Everything we teach should go back to the gospel of Jesus. We cannot let the truth of Jesus slip away from our teaching.

When we examine scripture, we must remember to keep the focus on Jesus. It is a terrible thing to take scripture out of context. It is an even more terrible thing to take Jesus out of scripture. Let us be a people who stay focused on Jesus as the main thing and not drift away from His truth

Love Y’all! Be Blessed!


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