Healing Faith

Episode #91: Healing Faith

“A woman suffering from bleeding for 12 years…

“Daughter,” He said to her, “your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be free from your affliction.”   (Mark 5:25, 34)

We don’t know this woman’s condition, but we do know it was serious. We see in her story that she had exhausted all her resources. She had been to doctor after doctor and was still not healed. Her condition would have caused her to be seen as unclean and therefore not able to enter the Synagogue. She made her way to Jesus and reached out to touch Him. Immediately she was healed but it was her faith that led to her healing and not the touching of the robes. Jesus sensed she had touched him and made it a point to bring her out of the crowd and commend her faith.

Because of her condition she would face 12 years of shame, 12 years without fellowship, 12 years without hearing God’s word, 12 years of being told her efforts were not enough and 12 years of loneliness and isolation. But Jesus, the Son of God, the Creator of the universe, the author and finisher of faith, looked her in the eye and called her “Daughter”. Her faith made her whole and His love made her family! So, if the world, and even the church tells you that you are unworthy and unclean, you have the same opportunity to reach out in faith to the Holy Father and be made whole. Let us be a people who press through the crowd and reach out to Jesus. He will restore you and welcome you into His eternal family.

Love Y’all! Be Blessed!


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