Repeat It

Episode #101: Repeat It

“Tell your children about it, and let your children tell their children, and their children the next generation.”    Joel 1:3

Have you ever had to repeat yourself? If you are a teacher or a parent, then you certainly have been through this. But why? Usually because the person you are telling it to is either ignoring you or they just aren’t getting what you are saying. The prophet Joel is telling his audience to remember the plague of locusts that just ravaged their land. This was a plague sent by God to call them to repentance. Joel is telling them to never forget what happened and why it happened so that it will not happen again.

People can be stubborn. God’s people are no exception. History is a great teacher. But history will repeat itself when the student either didn’t learn the lesson the first time or has forgotten the lesson altogether. What lessons have you learned that need to be passed on? What has God taught you that you haven’t shared? Would you sit by and watch your following generations get hurt or miss out on a blessing simply because you didn’t tell them what you already learned? Or maybe we’re the ones that are being stubborn and need the information repeated. Let us be a people who repeat what we have heard, seen, and learned. Take heed. Listen to God. Listen to those who have been there and done that. Pass down the lesson.

Love Y’all! be Blessed!


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