Platform Awareness

Episode #103: Platform Awareness

“He set out from there and went to the region of Judea and across the Jordan. Then crowds converged on Him again and, as He usually did, He began teaching them once more.” (Mark 10:1)

Once again another crowd forms around Jesus and as He usually did, He began to teach them. He didn’t shy away from the platform He was given. Part of His mission on earth was to teach the gospel to anyone that He came in contact with. Each of us has been given a platform to speak from. It may be in full time ministry or at work or at school. Fathers and mothers have a platform at home. Wherever it may be, it is our platform to use.

We are to do the same thing Jesus did and seize every opportunity to teach. We certainly do not have as much knowledge as Jesus but, what we do know, we are to teach to others. Let’s look around. Where is our platform and our audience? We are all students and teachers. When it is our time to teach, let’s be sure not to teach our audience to be silent by following our example. Let us be a people who step up and use the platform we have been given for God’s name and His glory.

Love Y’all! Be Blessed!


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