Onward Christian Soldier

Episode #113: Onward Christian Soldier

“And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations.”    (Mark 13:10)

Verses 7 to 9 give us warning signs that the end is beginning. Every one of those signs are happening now but Jesus tells us that these are not the end of times but the beginning. Verses 11 to 13 warn us how bad it will get for us during those times. Sandwiched in between these warnings in verse 10 is our instruction and walking orders. We must publish, preach, and proclaim the gospel to all nations. In the midst of all the chaos going on around us, and the trials coming against us, our objective is to keep proclaiming the gospel.

What Jesus is describing, in military terms, is the battlefront that lies ahead of us and what we can expect to experience. He is giving us an Intel report about all the weapons the enemy is going to use against us so that we will be ready and equipped to fight. Our mission is simple. Get the word out. Whether it is through publishing and distributing Bibles, or actually going where the Bible is not allowed and proclaiming the gospel ourselves. As Christians, we are soldiers in the Army of God and we have been given our orders. Let us be a people who are willing and equipped to march into battle! Onward Christian Soldiers!

Love Y’all! Be Blessed!


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