Attitude Check

Episode #116: Attitude Check

“But some were expressing indignation to one another: “Why has this fragrant oil been wasted? For this oil might have been sold for more than 300 denarii and given to the poor.” And they began to scold her.”  (Mark 14:4-5)

Starting in verse three there are three people in that show three different attitudes towards Jesus. Simon the Leper was grateful for the healing, redemption, and restoration he was given by Jesus. He opened his home to Jesus and His followers for dinner. The woman with the alabaster box, showed total acceptance of Jesus when she poured the oil over his head. This was a traditional way to show a guest that you were welcome and accepted in your home.

Then there were those who were indignant. Indignant is defined as feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment. Catch this idea. They felt Jesus was being given treatment and recognition that they deserved. They wanted to sell the oil and give the money to the poor which was a custom on the evening of Passover. But they wanted to do this for their own ego.

What is our attitude toward Jesus? Are we grateful? Do we welcome Him into our homes or are we trying to steal the spotlight and get credit for the things He is doing all around us? I can tell you I have had that attitude of indignation towards others and God has been quick to correct my thoughts. Let’s keep our attitudes in check and focus the glory where it should be, squarely on Jesus. Let our actions show that we are completely accepting of Jesus and not jealous of His glory. Let us be a people who are grateful for the healing and redemption Jesus has provided for us.

Love Y’all. Be blessed!

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