Tell It All

Episode #118: Tell It All

“Then they all deserted Him and ran away.”    (Mark 14:50)

They had spent the past three years watching miracles be performed and having private teaching sessions with Jesus. Now, with everything He taught coming to fruition around them, they run away frightened. This is one way we can know the Bible is true and written by God. If it were written just by men without God’s inspiration, surely the authors would have painted a better picture of themselves. Certainly they would have written about defending Jesus before being overthrown by the guards. But that’s not the case. Verse 52 mentions a young man, (presumed to be Mark), that tore away from the guards by leaving his clothes behind and running away naked. 

Their vulnerability in this moment, and their later boldness in ministry makes their testimony more believable. I wonder, when we tell our story, do we leave out our vulnerability and only tell the good stuff? Or, do we truly reveal the times we ran away from Jesus in a moment of fear? What I have found, in my own life, is there are others facing the same moment of fear, the same trials that I once did. My story of how Jesus stood for me, even when I ran, can be just what they need to hear to get them to stop running.

Think how compelling the story of the blind man being healed would be if he only said, “Now I see” but never mentioned formerly being blind. I believe God will put people in our life that are in the middle of a something we have already been through. They need to see the scars of our healed wounds. They need to know that they are not alone in their struggles and doubts. Let us be a people who tell all of our story, not just the good parts. Talk about our failures, our short-comings, our trials, and our tests. Tell it all!

Love Y’all! Be Blessed!


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