Pressed Into Service

Episode #120: Pressed Into Service

“They pressed into service a passer-by coming from the country, Simon of Cyrene (the father of Alexander and Rufus), to bear His cross.”   (Mark 15:21)

Simon of Cyrene was pulled out of the crowd to carry the cross that would crucify Jesus. In reality, Simon was carrying his own cross. He was carrying my cross. He was carrying your cross. Simon was “pressed into service” to carry the cross. This cross would have already been stained with the blood and sweat of Jesus. As Simon carried the cross, that same blood would have stained his clothes and his hands. Once he finished the task, there would’ve been evidence on him of the work he had done.

This is what the Christian life is meant to be. We are told to, “take up our Cross daily” and follow Jesus. As we are drawn near to Jesus, we are pressed into service. We are covered in His blood as we carry out the work He has given us. Like Simon, When our task is finally complete, the evidence of Jesus will be undeniably all over us. Let us be a people who are willing to be pressed into service. Let our lives be stained by the blood of the Cross of Christ as we daily carry out the good works which God has prepared for us. Let us not lay down our Cross until, like Simon, our work is complete.

Love Y’all! Be Blessed!


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