Make America Great? Was this the “Why” Behind the Declaration

Let me preface this by stating that neither this post nor this blog is an endorsement for any political candidate or party nor will it ever be. I started out this morning with an appointment for breakfast and conversation. Unfortunately there were some last minute cancellations and neither the breakfast nor the conversation happened. SinceContinue reading “Make America Great? Was this the “Why” Behind the Declaration”

“I’m a Christian but I’m not perfect” A post on mental health

How many times have we heard or said, “I’m a Christian but I’m not perfect”? Usually we hear it used to excuse some behavior that would not be considered Christian. We lose our temper, we cuss a little bit, or maybe we have too much to drink from time to time and this is ourContinue reading ““I’m a Christian but I’m not perfect” A post on mental health”

Government Document Proves the Existence of God

Over the years there have been countless debates about the existence of God. Highly educated people have went through mountains of research and investigation into historical evidence and scientific proof. People throughout history have ventured out on spiritual journeys seeking proof of God. Countless books have been written and movies made arguing for and againstContinue reading “Government Document Proves the Existence of God”